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Our Principles

At Corley + Woolley we aim to breed a culture based on the following principles:

Client focussed delivery
User friendly,
non-contractual approach
Embracing technology
and change
Work/life balance
Non-ego based decision making
Collaborative approach with
all project stakeholders

We thoroughly believe that each project is a joint venture, we are only as capable as the sum of our parts (from design teams through to our management team and supply chain). The best way to ensure we are all able to achieve our collective goals is to work collectively, collaboratively, part of a team. This team ethic has ensured we are able to build up a client-base, a consultant-base, a subcontractor-base and a supplier-base that understands, and shares, our working principles.


Our Background

The majority of our staff and teams have been brought together from some of the industry’s leading organisations. We have found a number of experienced and key individuals at these companies harbour a desire to work for a smaller, more user-friendly, dedicated and passionate company who can provide them with the platform to shine rather than feel as though they are a cog in an enormous machine. With this in mind, we are then able to go to market with an offering that reflects the quality, procedures, practices and experience of a much larger organisation but in a smaller, dedicated, personable package. Our structure, strength in depth, principles, practices and processes are reflective of a much larger company despite our size and we pride ourselves on being able to match some of the larger companies in our industry in our final product and delivery.

Indeed, the company was formed in 2012 with this in mind. To provide clients with a smaller, more user-friendly, non-contractual alternative to the ‘big boys’ (as they are frequently referred). Feedback to date indicates we are on the right track.

Characters not corporations

As described by our own employees

We are a bunch of… passionate, dedicated, experienced, hard-working, golf-playing, football watching, rugby going, marathon running, long distance cycling, skiing, travelling, fishing, waist-coat wearing, mostly bald…, loud tie wearing, wine drinking, gin drinking, bitter drinking, existential thinking… builders in suits!


Our team comprises of the following:

  • 2nr owners (owner involvement in all projects)
  • 2nr Contracts Managers
  • 8nr Project Managers
  • 3nr Site Managers
  • 3nr Technical Services Managers
  • 4nr PreConstruction staff
  • 5nr Commercial Managers
  • 1nr ‘CCS champion’
  • 2nr Document Controllers
  • 2nr Admin staff
  • 2nr Accounting staff
  • 1nr Design Co-ordinator

We also source freelance/consultancy assistance, project specific, for the following:

Architectural design
Services design
Structural design
Environmental consultancy

Who are Corley + Woolley?


At Corley + Woolley Ltd we are proud of our experience in the Hotels, Leisure, High End Residential, Commercial Offices and Retail sectors.


We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a unique, personalised service with dedicated Director involvement from Pre-Construction to Practical and Post Completion – ensuring our belief in a ‘Clients for life’ philosophy.


We strive for a collaborative approach throughout the process, from our suppliers right the way through to the design team and client alike.


We engrain our Quality + Closure policy in all new starters as part of the Corley + Woolley culture. This includes procedures, software and incentive schemes with employees and subcontractors.


Our employees are given compassion, trust, loyalty and support, to build a work environment where people look forward to the work day.


Our teams come from a varied background which include some of the biggest organisations in the industry. We are a small, user-friendly company with the setup and experience of a much larger organisation.