Added Value

Our added value propositions are what set Corley + Woolley apart:

Owner/Director Involvement

Each project, no matter the size or value, will be allocated to one of the Owners/Directors of the business.

Considerate Contractors Scheme

Each project with suitable criteria is registered with CCS. Project Managers are motivated to achieve a score of 40+ on each project. We have a ‘CCS Champion’ who hosts workshops with our operations staff, sets targets on individual projects, tracks ‘good practice’ and communicates with site teams and subcontractors.


C+W breed a culture of innovation, resulting in new, industry leading strategies being implemented to give an advantage when planning and carrying out complex logistical projects.

3rd Party Commissioning

It is company policy that 3rd party validation and commissioning is carried out on all our projects, to offer absolute transparency and protect the interests of all parties involved. Early establishment of commissioning strategy and timely provision of integrated systems test.

Business as Usual Status

Maintaining a business as usual status during the refurbishment process is essential to any successful business.


Establishing and agreeing from the outset a quality plan to set out the project specific elements that we believe will require benchmarking and agreed mock-ups to ensure a ‘right first time’ approach to the works.

Quality + Control Procedures

Our process for achieving snag free status at practical completion is based upon a philosophy of snagging from Day 1. We have invested heavily in a management tool to assist us with achieving our snag free. This is a web-based management tool called Procore which enables far greater effectiveness and control in administering the snagging process and is used on all C+W projects.

Snag Free

During the last few critical weeks of the project, we add a dedicated and independent ‘Quality Control Officer’ to ensure snags are picked up early. This is independent of the on-going snagging regime the Project Manager champions during the process.

Planning For Quality

In preparing our ‘Quality Plan’ we will set out those elements of the works that require factory inspections, mock-ups, benchmarking or testing and will make all necessary arrangements and allowances within our bid.

Design Workshops

Our preferred method for ensuring comprehensive design co-ordination is the implementation of multi-trade design workshops during the early stages of the project.

Pre-Construction Software

All subcontractors are vetted, and accounts are approved via Creditsafe and Dunn & Bradstreet. Suppliers are linked to suitable areas of operation, appropriate to the value of the package. This is an online tool to ensure we match the right contractors for the right job in the right location.

ASTA Powerproject

A project management tool C+W utilise to help manage projects, allocate sufficient resources, control programme costs and duration.

Supply Chain Quality Control

C+W have a stringent pre-qualification process to maintain a high quality of workmanship. Performance is regularly reviewed, and our supply chain continually monitored and improved.

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