The level of design, quality and branding reflects the client’s reputation and has a knock-on effect on the success of the business and customer experience.

Ergonomics are key, the customer experience is essential. The quicker the works are complete, the sooner our client is able to make money.

We can provide our turnkey service, which includes the fitments and servery equipment, as well as the supply, coordination and installation of furniture, furnishings and signage.

We go to extraordinary lengths to produce meticulous programmes that can match the pace of the fit out required. 

Case Studies

London, SW3
26 weeks
3,000 sq ft
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199 Knightsbridge
London, SW1
8 weeks (2 Phases)
4,000 sq ft
£500,000 (2 Phases)
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The Georgian Restaurant
London, SW1
12 weeks
2,000 sq ft
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Southside Shopping Centre

Enjoyment + Satisfaction

We will always remember that we should enjoy coming to work and strive to achieve satisfaction from what we do.

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